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The Self-Determination Program

Take control of your life and your budget!

California’s Self-Determination Program empowers families and participants of the Regional Center system to choose the supports, care providers, and services that meet their needs best.

Case workers continue to be an important part of the process, but the choice of where, when, who, and what services are received lies with the person being served, or their family. Each participant or family develops a person-centered plan, receives a budget, and decides how best to spend those dollars in the community. Aveanna Support Services is honored to participate in this program as a Financial Management Service (FMS).

The FMS is the only vendor contracted with the Regional Center in the Self-Determination Program. The basic duty of an FMS is to track and manage the budget, pay care providers, and pay for approved services and supports. Some responsibilities of the FMS include:

  • Manage the individual budget
  • Collect and process worker timesheets
  • Pay workers hired by participants/families according to state and federal law
  • Assist participants as they hire employees
  • Ensure the qualifications of providers to deliver services
  • Issue monthly statements to participants and the regional centers tracking their budgets

Aveanna Support Services has been at the forefront of the Self-Determination Program in California, and we are pleased to lend our expertise and support to this groundbreaking program. Our philosophy is that each person is unique and deserves person-centered services and supports tailored to their needs.

Aveanna Support Services’ state-of-the-art system streamlines the referral, onboarding, hiring, and payroll processes to make a program a success for participating families and clients. With real-time budget tracking and electronic timesheets, time is given back to participant families, allowing them to focus on what matters most.

Please visit California’s Self-Determination Program website for program information: https://aveannasupportservices.comdds.ca.gov/SDP/