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Participant-Directed Services

Expanded Coverage for Participant-Directed Services

During the COVID Pandemic, the California Department of Developmental Services (DDS) expanded the types of services that can be provided through the participant-directed services model. Click here for additional information.


You manage the care. We help you manage the details.

Providing care and support for an intellectually or a developmentally disabled family member, a client, or as a guardian can be intimidating.

  • What are the relevant state and federal labor laws?
  • How do I withhold and remit state and federal taxes?
  • What insurance is required?
  • How do I run a background check on someone I want to hire?

These are just a few of the questions that families and clients have when they find a personal care worker they want to hire. That’s where we come in. We’re there to take care of these concerns and help remove the worry, so you can focus on getting the best care.

Here today for you, and here tomorrow.

For over a decade, Aveanna Support Services (formerly Premier Healthcare Services) has provided Employer of Record services to the intellectually and developmentally disabled community through the regional center system of California. This model of service applies to Respite, Personal Assistant, Specialized Supervision, and Socialization Training services.

Getting care on your terms.

If you’re new to Support Services, here’s how it works. First, individual clients and/or their families hire, train, supervise, and schedule a worker of their choice. Meanwhile, Aveanna Support Services partners with you to take care of the payroll and paperwork so you can focus on the care.

Once a family chooses their care provider and requests authorization for service hours from their Service Coordinator at the Regional Center, Aveanna implements a screening process in compliance with regional center guidelines. Once the care provider is approved, families are in charge of their training and supervision. Working closely with you and the Regional Centers, Aveanna Support Services handles:

  • Issuing paychecks or direct deposits with all applicable withholdings
  • Processing and remitting all payroll taxes and issuing W-2 income tax forms
  • Covering the care providers under Aveanna’s employment insurance policies

Our goal is to help clients and families of the Regional Center live richer and more fulfilling lives through person-centered care and streamlined processes. With Aveanna Support Services, you can focus on the care and support of your loved one while we focus on the administrative paperwork.