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Dedicated to serving the
intellectually and developmentally
disabled community.

We’re hiring! If you or a loved one are clients of the Eastern Los Angeles, San Andreas, Westside or Valley Mountain Regional Centers and are interested in a position giving remote customer care, click for more information


Our Services

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Participant-Directed Services

Our dedicated staff is well versed in the complex process of care-provider employment and administrative duties.


We understand the dedication full-time care takes, and we’re committed to being a compassionate and trusted partner.

Day Care and Transportation

We work with Regional Centers to reimburse the costs of day care and transportation for you and your family.

Personal Assistance

Similar to Respite, once your family chooses a Personal Assistant we implement an efficient hiring process.

Agency Staffing Services

Our full-time staffing department does all the hiring work for you: taking care of paperwork, timesheets, certifications, and other staffing processes. This leaves you with a wide variety of qualified candidates. Inquire for areas served.

Financial Management Services & SDP

On your behalf, we will make the payments for your Regional Center services and support whether in the traditional or the Self Determination Program (SDP).

Aveanna works with all 21 of California's Regional Centers. We focus on the paperwork, so you can focus on what matters.




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We provide Employer of Record, Respite,
Personal Assistance, and Financial Management.

We’re a proven and trusted partner in California’s communities and we are committed to continuing our tradition of exceptional service, one person and one family at a time.

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Read real stories from families and consumers.

After her son Aaron was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, LaQuitta fought hard to get him the care he needed to thrive. Those first few years were especially hard. Then LaQuitta heard about Aveanna, where she found the support and resources she needed to help Aaron grow toward greater independence.

“When I look at Annette, I don’t see her condition or limitations. I just see all the love that she gives. When you meet Annette, you want to be around her all the time because she gives you back more than you could ever give her. We are very, very blessed.”

"Our son Alex was always a happy child, but he had significant needs. We advocated for services for him and found Aveanna. Alex is now 21 years old. He graduated from high school three years ago and is involved in programs he enjoys. We are proud to see how far Alex has come. With hard work and appropriate services, our children can accomplish so much!"

Our Locations


18000 Studebaker Rd
Suite 550
Cerritos, CA 90703

Regional Centers Served
Self Determination Program (SDP)
Orange County

3010 Old Ranch Parkway, Suite 455
Seal Beach, CA 90740

Fax: (855) 805-5307
Regional Centers Served